Hashcat is a widely used password recovery tool with both legitimate and malicious applications.

What is hashcat?

  • Open-source password recovery tool supporting many hashing algorithms.

  • Used for legitimate purposes like:

    • Password cracking during penetration testing to assess password strength.

    • Recovering lost passwords for authorized access.

    • Researching password hashing techniques and vulnerabilities.

  • Can also be misused for malicious purposes like:

    • Cracking stolen password hashes to gain unauthorized access.

    • Brute-forcing passwords for malicious activities.

Hashcat Overview

  • Hashcat is an open-source password recovery tool.

  • Supports a wide range of hashing algorithms.

Legitimate Uses

  • Penetration testing for password strength.

  • Recovering lost, authorized passwords.

  • Researching hashing weaknesses.

Potential Misuse

  • Unauthorized cracking of stolen password hashes.

  • Brute-forcing for malicious intent.

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